The Coffs Harbour Racing Club uses a number of licensed trainers.

For further information and contact information on the professional trainers listed below, please contact our Racing & Club Manager, Tim Saladine on 02 6652 1488 or by email on

Our Racing Manager can also provide further information about our racing facilities and contact information for jockeys.

Below is an alphabetised list of trainers associated with the Coffs Harbour Racing Club:

  • Brett Bellamy
  • Warren Dean
  • Mark Dickson
  • Brett Dodson
  • Dennis Edwards
  • Shannon Fry
  • Peter Goodenough
  • Trent Greentree
  • Joanne Hardy
  • Trevor Hardy
  • Inwood and Matts Racing
  • Joe Janiak
  • Jim Jarvis
  • Cheryl Lantry
  • Robert Marshall
  • Paul Matts
  • Brad Munro
  • Mick O’Neill
  • Peter Roach
  • Cathleen Rode
  • Ricky Rohde
  • Basil Ryan
  • Paul Smith
  • Sally Taylor
  • Kevin Tonks
  • Terry Walshe