Fashion trends for 2017

The go-to guide on Racing head wear for Coffs Cup

As an advocate racegoer and previous partner of a prominent racehorse owner in early days, Sharon Lenton needed a different headpiece every weekend especially over the carnivals (or when her horses were racing). At the time, there was little that excited her, except for what she found in David Jones, Myers and of course Neil Grigg). As a result, Sharon made a plan to create a business that gave milliners from around Australia the chance to showcase and sell their amazing pieces through her businesses, Thoroughbred Events Australia, and Zac & Tallulah.

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Betting terms decoded (and how to use in conversation)

  Interpreting racing terminology can be a baffling experience. For those who don’t frequent the horse races regularly, it can be tricky business decoding exactly what is being discussed in a conversation. If you’re left thinking “what’s a bookie?”, and “since when are they racing ponies instead of horses?”, this list of betting terms with an example […]

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Betting types explained

  There are two categories when it comes to betting: straight wagers and exotic wagers. Straight wagers involve betting on one horse, while exotic wagers involve multiple horses in the one bet. Straight wagers betting options If you are a beginner, a straight wager is most suitable as they are simple, easy to set up […]

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Bellamy’s big four!

LOCAL trainer Brett Bellamy won four races at the previous Coffs Harbour meeting last month, but, ever the realist, he will be happy enough if he can win just one race from his 10 runners at Friday’s eight-race program. “My four winners the other day was a welcome result and equalled my previous best result […]

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