Best Dressed Men’s Racewear:

• Suit, jacket and tie are essential
• Attention to detail with all aspects of accessories such as gentlemen’s hat and /or lapel flower
• understanding and interpretation of racewear and current trends
• Grooming and deportment
• Suitability of the outfit for the climate of the season and of the day

Park Beach Plaza Stylish Couple Award:

Being on ‘trend’ – outfits must be complementary in style including colour coordination displaying this season’s Winter fashion statement; Clever use of accessory co-ordination; Impeccable grooming and deportment & attention to detail.
• A tip for the boys – Overall look must be focussed on ‘race day’ rather than a business look, It’s all about accessories i.e. binoculars, umbrella, hat, race book etc.
• Hat not essential but certainly adds to the overall look.

Millinery Award:

• Style and design of the millinery (originality & concept)
• Quality of workmanship of the milliner
• Appropriateness of the millinery for Autumn/Winter (no straw)
• Suitability in complementing the individual’s total outfit
• In winter we must consider a more subdued approach to our headpiece style. When looking for the perfect Autumn racing headpiece, you can’t go past felt millinery.
• Other great options for the cooler months are headpieces made from leather or silks which are usually decorated with trimming such as lace or veiling. Or the simple fedora felt hat or metallic silk turban for an understated cool look. Metal crowns or headbands are also a good trans seasonal piece to add to your Autumn race day look.

Women’s Racewear (overall):

• Style and originality
• Hat or headpiece is compulsory, wool or felt for Autumn/Winter (no straw)
• For Autumn race wear, ladies should opt for a closed toe heel or elegantly fitted ankle boot. Another great option is a peep-toe shoe as it offers a nice balance between exposed and closed footwear. For extra warmth and a classic daytime look try a slightly opaque stocking. To add extra drama to the look a statement stocking featuring a patterned or fishnet element.
• Appropriateness of the outfit for Autumn/Winter racing, The Gold Cup Carnival and the individual
• Attention to detail with all aspects of the outfit such as shoes, handbag and accessories, layering using a coat, cape or tailored suit jacket.
• Understanding and interpretation of racewear and current trends
• Grooming and department
• Suitability of the outfit for the climate of the season and of the day

Park Beach Plaza Best Dressed Young Lady Award:

Aimed at the modern young race goer (under 35’s) means fashion with an edge – a “stand-alone” look. Being on “trend”, that is displaying this season’s fashion statement, clever use of accessory co-ordination hat or headwear with a winter influence is essential, e.g. fur, felt, wool.

Park Beach Plaza Classical Lady of the Day Award:

An overall elegant statement, style and originality, racing elegance from top to toe including dress length between slightly above the knee to mid calve; Black & White, neutral tones, tweed and tartan/plaid even make an appearance plus the safe and shades of grey. Winter racewear still has a 70’s influence for a splash of colour and hairstyles. Accessories to complement each other and outfit, eg shoes, handbag, jewellery, hosiery etc; Being on ‘trend’ – displaying this seasons Winter fashion statement; Impeccable grooming and deportment. Hosiery essential. Pants or Pant suit not appropriate.

Racewear Do’s:

  1. Express your own sense of racing style – focus on the appropriateness of the outfit for the race day and the individual
  2. Demonstrate that you understand current fashion trends including winter florals, monochrome or mixing leather with animal prints.
  3. Display attention to detail with accessories and millinery
  4. Focus on your personal presentation – superior grooming and deportment are essential
  5. Consider suitability and appropriateness of the outfit for the climate

Racewear Don’ts:

  1. Don’t wear brand new shoes – ensure that shoes have been worn in, even if they have only been worn around the house
  2. Don’t wear an outfit that is too revealing. Remember that the races are all about elegance and sophistication.
  3. Don’t wear millinery that is so over the top that it gets in the way of other patrons – pointy and oversized millinery can take an eye out when you’re standing in the queue at the tote!
  4. Don’t forget to be aware of the Club’s specific dress regulations – be sure to review before planning your race day outfit.
  5. Don’t forget to dress appropriately for the predicted weather forecast on race day. There is no point wearing an amazing dress if you are freezing!



Black and white continues from summer as a strong trend. Whether in stripes, tartan, plaid, blocks, chevrons or florals, monochrome is your go-to look for instant chic at the races.


Add some intensity to your racewear look with sleek tailoring and luxe silhouettes in this season’s leading shade. Red offers a bold statement, and is sure to grab the judges’ attention at Park Beach Plaza’s Fashions on the Field. Look out for designs that include 60’S & 70’s theme this year and racewear styling for autumn/winter sees rich colours and animal prints worn with felt hats. Neutral tones and shades of grey will be seen in a range of feminine looks, while the traditional black and white should be given a bold treatment in striped prints and strong, structured silhouettes.
With the even cooler weather than normal, I’m tipping that this race season we’ll be seeing more texture play and interesting fabrics in leather and woollen dresses.


Add some attitude to your race day look with modern lines and buttery-soft leather. Mixing up textures and patterns creates the perfect mix of punk and princess. Leather detailing works well paired with animal prints for an edgy, yet elegant racewear look.