At the Coffs Harbour Racing Club, members and guests can place bets at the TAB facilities on site and also through bookmakers. Those with registered TAB cards can use the TAB machines at the race track.

There are EFTPOS facilities for cash withdrawals in the Raceday office. During the Coffs Harbour Gold Cup, there are also numerous EFTPOS machines located in the undercover carpark area. Please note that credit card withdrawals are not available on course.

Please see below some commonly asked betting related questions:

What is a ‘Win’ bet?

A Win bet pays when your chosen horse finishes first in a race

What is a ‘Place’ bet?

A Place bet requires your horse to finish first, second or third in a race

What is an ‘Each Way’ bet?

Each Way betting is a combination of ‘Win’ and ‘Place’ bets. If your horse finishes first you collect both the win and place dividends. If your horse finishes in second or third place, you still collect the place dividend.

What kind of bet is a ‘Double’?

A Double requires you to select the winners of two nominated races. Each of the two Double races is known as a Leg. Double bets must be placed before the commencement of the first Leg.

What does ‘Trifecta’ refer to?

To win a Trifecta bet you need to have correctly selected the horses that finish in first, second and third place in a race

And a ‘Box Trifecta’?

A Box Trifecta requires you to select the horses that finish first, second and third in any order in a race

What is a ‘Standard Quinella’?

A Standard Quinella means correctly selecting the horses that finish in first and second place (in either order).

And a ‘Box Quinella’?

A Box Quinella is the selection of three or more horses of which two must finish first and second in any order in a race.

What is a ‘Standout Quinella’?

For a Standout Quinella you may select as many horses as you wish but you must nominate one to finish either first or second and one of your other selections to finish first or second to your nominated selection.

What is an ‘Exacta’ bet?

To win an Exacta bet you must select the horses that come in first and second place (in the correct order)

What is a ‘First Four’ bet?

As the name indicates, a First Four bet requires you to correctly select the horses that finish in the top four in a race (in the order)

What is a ‘Quaddie’?

A Quaddie is selection of the winner in four successive races

The Coffs Harbour Racing Club recognises that it is against the Law to serve or supply alcohol to any person under the age of 18.

The Racing Club also strives to foster responsible gambling practises among its patrons and staff and recognises the Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG).

Free and Confidential Gambling Help is available on 1800 858 858