How to place a bet


Keen to try your luck on the ponies but unsure how to talk to a bookie or what a trifecta means?

Betting on horses doesn’t have to be a puzzling procedure. Here we have a step-by-step process to placing a bet and decode racing terminology so you can enjoy your flutter on race day!

Placing a Bet Step-by-Step

1. Choose a horse

Review the race book or race card and choose your preferred horse to bet on.

2. Pick a way

Choose how you want to make your bet e.g. ‘to Win’ (horse finish first in its race)

3. Find the bookies

Look for the guys standing on a pedestal with a satchel bag in the Betting Ring; these are the bookmakers (or bookies) who will lock in your bet. They will also have on display the odds available in each race.

4. What to say to the bookie

Have your money ready and tell the bookie:

       a) Race number

       b) The dollar amount of your bet

       c) Type of bet

      d) Horse’s program number

Eg. “Goldie Horse, race four, $10 to win on #3.”

5. Check ticket

The bookie will give you a ticket – check this is correct and keep it in a safe place, as you will need to return and present this ticket to your bookie should your bet be successful.

6. Bet placed

Congratulations you have placed your bet! Now it’s time to head over to the track and watch the horses race!